Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Awesome Beginning, What did you accomplish this week!

Jose Rios Artist PainterPeople that motivate us in life by just doing what comes natural to them. Take my youngest brother Joe. He came from a family of five; Mom, Dad one Sister, Myrna who was the first born and survivor of twins, me and our brother Rafi. Myrna was the first born of twins and the boy died at birth. Talk about having a rough start by losing someone at birth.

We migrated to NYC, like thousands of other Puerto Ricans looking for a better live for their family; all of us were born on the island (Puerto Rico). 470, 000 Puerto Ricans' from 1950-1960 migrated to the United States!
Everyone in the family had a creative side. My father would carve things out of wood. Mom was a seamstress and could sew anything by just looking at it. Myrna is very crafty and would walk into a boutique see an item; go home and create it.  Rafi could draw, paint, is an accomplished wood worker, mason and could built or repair anything.

Joe is an artist who emerged on the scene after ten years homeless in NYC. He lived in a cardboard box that he found, repurposed to handle the elements and cold winters in NYC. He is also very handy with his hands and like Rafi a carpenter in his own skin. Very creative, he can built and repair just about anything. Me I am a problem solver I like solving problems. I found my creative side when I discovered computers and built my first website to help Joe on his comeback to society or should we say a more normal life.

So what has Joe accomplished other than being homeless, living in a repurposed cardboard box and rising back up to a solo art show in a NYC art gallery; with many more shows that followed?
His latest adventure is that he traveled to Puerto Rico a year or so ago, purchased a piece of land and migrated back in 2015 to his piece of paradise to build an artist community; his dream. That is where we are today, you can read about his struggles, comeback and accomplishments on his website

Visit often to view his progress... Google + Images...

So on to the title of this piece, the photos here are of his accomplishments This Week in getting his Artist community started. They show what he accomplished this week; an awesome beginning!
No one lives on this earth along and we should all give thanks to the gift we receive each day we open our eyes and carry one. Never take a day for granted enjoy it and do something for someone so you can feel better about yourself and be awesome!

I plan to start writing again as I have been inspired by Joe again to be awesome and help him to fulfill his quest of building an artist community on his land of Puerto Rico.
I will be adding these articles to a blog and creating a Fund-Me account so you all can be awesome too and help Joe fulfill his dream. No one can do it along!

Be Awesome and Donate today!

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